What Makes a Great Dog-Friendly Apartment?

Apartment managers understand that people love their pets, and millions of people across the US are looking for dog-friendly apartments. As a result, many apartments offer “dog friendly” accommodations. They typically have specific policies regarding dogs (limiting the number of dogs, size, and possibly breeds), and charge an higher cleaning deposits and rents.

Simply accepting dogs, however, doesn’t make an apartment complex dog-friendly. Finding a place where you and your pets will be comfortable requires looking beyond the lease.

Check Out the Facility

When you visit an apartment complex, take your dog! Look for an office staff that greets and welcomes your dog, and offers healthy dog treats.

Walk through the building. Watch for the reactions of other residents when they see your dog. Though not everyone is a dog lover, you want to find a home where residents are used to seeing dogs and don’t react negatively.

Watch your dog’s reactions. Many dogs are nervous in strange places, but dogs may also react to sounds and scents that you’re not aware of. Avoid places that seem to make your dog uncomfortable.

Ask to see places where your dog can “do his business.” Many apartments have convenient “poop bag” dispensers.

Also look for clean, fresh water bowls in public areas.

Check Out the Area

Be sure there are safe places to take your dog for walks.

Find out if there are nearby dog-parks.

Look for dog-friendly businesses. Are there coffee shops or restaurants with outdoor seating where dogs are welcome? Do any of the local business people put out water bowls for dogs?

Find the location of the nearest emergency vet. Hopefully you’ll never need to use this, but in a medical emergency, you want to be sure that help will be nearby.

Finding an “Apartment Friendly” Dog

If you’re already living in an apartment, and you’re looking for a dog, it’s important to find a dog breed that does well in an apartment. To find suitable breeds, you can use an online dog-breed selector.

Information provided by 1200 Lakeshore, a dog-friendly apartment in Oakland, CA.