Old Articles

These small business articles are reposted from my previous site.

You Can’t be Number One on Google – Understanding why is the first step to developing an effective Internet Marketing strategy.

Starting a Small Business – There are many free resources that can help you leanr the basics before spending money on an accountant or lawyer.

How to Buy a Business – Buying an existing business can be a quick way to get up and running, but it requires a careful aproach and professional help to make the right purchase decision.

Insider Guides to IRS Audits – Ever wish that, as a business owner, you knew exactly what would raise “red flags” with auditors? It may be possible to find out, right from the IRS!

Don’t be a “Bad Service” Story – Often the thing that people most remember about a business is how problems are resolved.

The Ratings Are Coming! – Make use of online rating sites to spread the word about your business.

Why You Need a Business Plan – A business plan is just what it sounds like: a plan for running your business. And every business needs one!

Don’t be a Do-It-Yourselfer – Trying to save money can be a costly mistake for a small business.

What the Web Means for your Business – Even local businesses face competition on the Internet.

The Basics of a Business Website – Many businesses put a lot of time and effort into their websites, only to miss some basics.

Working with Ad Agencies and Designers – Ad agencies and designers can be expensive, so it’s important to work effectively with them.

Starting an Organization or Club – Many people are interested in starting a club or group, but don’t know where to start.